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    Instructions to prepare your custom button with PARKARMA:

    STEP 1 - Prepare a custom button design scaled to fit in a diameter of 3.2 cm. Enjoy complete creative freedom!  Your design can include illustrations, fabrics, flowers, collages, etc... Really anything as long as the thickness of the design area does not exceed 1 mm and the area outside your design (but contained within the outside diameter) is soft enough to be folded neatly during our manual button manufacture. The latter is specially important for fabric buttons.

    STEP 2 - Position your design unto a circle with a diameter of 4.2 cm. If necessary you can use this TEMPLATE as a guide and print/assemble your design on it. Or simply, make a 4.2 cm circumference around the design area you would like to see on a button. Do not worry about cutting it round around - we will take care of that.

    STEP 3 - Have your button made by PARKARMA in Amsterdam You can pick one of two:

    (i) come by the shop with your own design, save on the shipping costs and witness your button come to life. The address is Haarlemmerstraat 16 in Amsterdam.

    (ii) add to cart the quantity of buttons you wish to make, finalize payment and then post your artwork to PARKARMA at Haarlemmerstraat 16, 1013 ER / Amsterdam / The Netherlands. Soon after expect your own custom buttons in the mailbox. yay!
    Please note that shipping rates for inexpensive products such as buttons can increase significantly their price. The easiest way around this is to order several buttons simultaneously - so send a word out to all your family and friends and get them to order custom buttons together. Alternatively, contact info@parkarma.com to inquire about cheaper (yet less secure) shipping options. 

    Download instructions and button template right HERE!


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